Managing Rotation via CLI

Managing rotation settings on individual and bulk records using Keeper Commander

Keeper Commander can perform individual or bulk updates on PAM resource records, such as adding rotation to a whole set of records in a folder.


  • All of your rotation records are imported to the appropriate folders

  • You have at least one Keeper Gateway installed and running

  • You have at least one active PAM Configuration

Example 1: Adding PAM Resources to a PAM Configuration

To attach a PAM Machine resource record to an existing PAM Configuration, and to assign a default rotation schedule, use the sample Commander CLI commands below:

pam config edit -c "<PAM_Config_UID>" --resource-record "<Machine1_UID>" --schedule Daily
pam config edit -c "<PAM_Config_UID>" --resource-record "<Machine2_UID>" --schedule Daily

Note 1: The PAM Configuration UID can be found by typing: pam config list

Note 2: Machine UIDs can be found by navigating to the folder and using ls -l

My Vault> cd "My Folder"
My Vault> ls -l

Example 2: Assign Rotation Settings to PAM Machine records

The commands below will assign a scheduled rotation to the specific PAM Machine records, and it also sets the resource record to

pam rotation set --record="<Machine1_UID>" --config="<PAM_Config_UID>" --resource="<Machine1_UID>" --schedulecron "0 3 * * 2" --enable --force
pam rotation set --record="<Machine2_UID>" --config="<PAM_Config_UID>" --resource="<Machine2_UID>" --schedulecron "0 3 * * 2" --enable --force

Example 3: Assign Rotation Settings in JSON Notation

The below command will assign a resource and set up a rotation schedule using JSON notation:

pam rotation set --record="<Machine1_UID>" --config="<PAM_Config_UID>" --resource="<Machine1_UID>" -sj '{"type":"DAILY","tz":"Etc/UTC","time":"03:00:00","intervalCount":60}' --enable --force

Example 4: Assign Rotation Settings for All Records

The below command will assign rotation capabilities in bulk for all records within a specific folder. In this case the folder is a sub-folder beneath a Shared Folder.

pam rotation set --folder="/ShareFolder1/PrivateFolder2" --config="<PAM_CONFIG_UID>" --resource="<PAM_Machine_UID>" --schedulecron "0 3 * * 2" --enable --force

Batch Mode

To run a large number of commands in a batch mode, see Keeper's Batch Mode command.

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