SSH Connections

Securely connect to remote systems over SSH with the Commander vault.

Using the connect command, Keeper Commander can launch SSH, RDP or other external connections utilizing content and metadata stored in the Keeper vault record. Command-line parameters are supplied through custom fields and file attachments. This command is very flexible and can be totally customized to use any 3rd party application or utility for performing the remote connections.

The connect command reads the record's custom fields with names starting with "connect:"

Below is a simple example of SSH to a server. The SSH key is encrypted and stored in the vault and referenced in the connection command.

SSH Connection Record

To see the available list of connections, type "connect" by itself:

My Vault> connect
Available connect endpoints
# Endpoint Description Record Title
--- --------------- -------------------------------- -----------------------
1 rdp_demo Remote connection to Demo Server RDP AD Bridge Demo S...
2 sso_server_demo Linux SSO Server in AWS SSH Commander to SSO...
My Vault>

To initiate a connection to this demo server, run "connect sso_server_demo":

My Vault> connect sso_server_demo
Connecting to sso_server_demo...
Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.3.0-1032-aws x86_64)
Last login: Wed Apr 14 01:13:26 2021 from
Connection to closed.
My Vault>

More complex connection examples can be found on the Keeper Commander project page: