AD Bridge on the Admin Console

1. Before installing the executable on the server, the Admin console will need to be prepared to register the Keeper Bridge. The bridge cannot be registered to the Root Node (top level) of the organization tree structure, therefore a sub node will need to be created in order to register the bridge.

2. To create a new node underneath the Root Node click on the three dots and select the '+ Add Node' button.

3. Type in the name of the Active Directory node and select create.

4. Select the node created in Step 3 above.

5. Select the Provisioning tab and select the + Add Method button.

6. Select the Active Directory or LDAP Sync radio button, then select the Next button.

7. Leave the LAN and WAN IP Address fields blank. The registration process of the bridge will automatically link to the admin console. Select the Save button.

8. The Keeper Bridge executable is now displayed and can be downloaded from the Provisioning tab and staged on the computer that the bridge will be installed on.

Note: Recommend the Bridge be installed on a member server located on the same network as a domain controller. A domain controller can be used in lieu of member server.