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Configuration Options

Keeper Bridge configuration options
Navigate to the Configuration tab of the Bridge client.
Keeper Bridge Configuration Options

Publish Interval

Set the publish interval which will determine how often the Bridge service runs. The Bridge can automatically run as often as every 5 minutes and as little as once a day (1440 minutes). The default setting is set to 60 minutes.

Debug Logging

Adds additional debug logs to the Bridge Log. Helpful for troubleshooting with Keeper Support.

Automated Team Approval

If selected, Admin Login is required to generate team encryption keys and distribute team keys to users.
Delete Override
Flag which allows the Bridge to delete users and teams if they are not in the designated LDAP filter. By default, this is disabled, which prevents accidental deletion of users and teams in Keeper.
Admin Security Group
This is the group that the user needs to be a member of in order to login to the Keeper Bridge. By default, this is set to "Keeper Admins". You can configure this after initial login.
Always Use Global Catalog
This applies to Active Directory only. It means that Keeper Bridge will always query the GC in the forest.
Email Property
Before configuring the LDAP/AD queries, ensure that the Email Property is set correctly according to your organization's environment. This will ensure that the proper Keeper email maps to the organization email address. By default the property is set to 'userPrincipalName', however if that address doesn't correlate with the users actual email address the 'mail' attribute can be selected which will use the email populated in the users profile.

Saving Changes

Once the connection status is Online for the Keeper Service and Directory Service, configure the domains which will be exported to the Keeper Admin Console. Select on the LDAP/AD tab and then select either the Export Forest option or select individual domains.
When making changes to this screen, you'll notice the Publish Required on the bottom right corner of the screen. We recommend that you do NOT publish the changes until you have completed all steps in this guide and that you also verify that the Options screen is fully Configured.