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Backend API Version 15.0.18

Released September 18, 2020

Features & Enhancements

  • KA-2906: Service Logger implemented as short term in-database logger
  • KA-2873: DAO layer implemented for new Cloud SSO data objects
  • KA-3314: Significant Cloud SSO logging improvements
  • KA-3273: Implemented prefix-based SCIM role mapping
  • KA-3214: Support signature embedded in the SAML response
  • KA-3210: Role enforcement created to disallow v2 clients
  • KA-3133: Without recovery data, removing a user from Cloud SSO node is prevented

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3343: Azure email formatting causes SSO to throw exception
  • KA-3332: Database error received during enterprise_delete
  • KA-3329: In attempt to delete SCIM user, user is locked instead of deleted
  • KA-3301: Master Password re-entry fails for biometrics
  • KA-3284: get_user account_information fails to return pending devices
  • KA-3264: Prevent account enumeration via 2FA throttle