IE Extension Version 12.1.0

Release Date: Currently in QA. ETA January 27, 2019

Enhancements & Benefits

  • ​This release contains over 30 bug fixes and also improves the user experience
  • Implemented "Prompt to Save", "Prompt to Change", "Prompt to Fill" and Auto-Fill/Auto-Submit features in order to align with the Keeper Browser Extension for Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Edge.
  • Improved AutoFill on several websites
  • Added support for Password View restriction (Team Enforcement Policies)

Known Limitations

  • ​All role enforcement policies for Admin Console v13.1 are not yet fully supported.

Bug Fixes

  • ​Extension service needs to be started manually
  • Duo Push issues
  • Extension does not logout when closing browser
  • Restoring default settings not working
  • Allowed to save a record without a title
  • Long email address is cut off in record view
  • Added Admin Console link in IE extension toolbar
  • Default settings incorrect
  • Admin Console selection directs to US region for EU users
  • Google Authenticator require every login not prompting every time
  • Several visual fixes

Coming Soon

  • ​Version 14.0.0: Support for latest Backend API encryption updates and Offline SSO Passphrase Login.