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Vault Version 14.10.0
Released January 2, 2020

Features & Enhancements

    Launch Icon - A launch icon has been integrated into KeeperFill, allowing users to quickly navigate to a record's URL with one click from within their Vault.
    Password Boss Added as Import Option - Password Boss has been added to the extensive list of existing password managers users are able to import their passwords from (JSON file).

Bug Fixes:

    Fixed: Once configured, custom hotkeys for KeeperFill are not functioning properly when user closes and reopens app.
    Fixed: Desktop version does not retain the device token for two-factor authentication if a Web Vault enforcement is set (Enterprise customers).
    Fixed: Issues regarding Touch ID, including the added visibility of a prompt to initiate Touch ID at the login screen.
    Fixed: When registering for a new account (SSO), user receives an error message indicating their email address is already in use with that Enterprise SSO Login.
    Fixed: A blank screen appears when records are filtered to view only those with TOTP codes.
    Fixed: Language updates are not automatically reflected in the "Identity & Payments" section.
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