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Vault Version 14.10.2
Released February 5, 2020

Features & Enhancements

    Support for Chromium-based Edge Extension - Keeper now supports communication with the Chromium-based Edge Extension recently available in the Microsoft Edge Addons Store.
    Password Import Instructions Update - password import instructions for csv files have been created for various password managers.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed: Some third party components of the Keeper desktop app that are not up to date.
    Fixed: External displays not detecting previous position of desktop app and returning it to the primary or current display if disconnection occurs.
    Fixed: Incorrect prompt received when user launches site from a record's URL on the updated Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.
    Fixed: Issue causing the Web Vault to prompt for the 2FA token after user logs into the browser extension and opts to remember 2FA token.
    Fixed: When creating an account, emails containing special characters are incorrectly being rejected, prompting an invalid error message.
    Fixed: Password Boss import failures.
    Fixed: Errors received when a user proceeds to log in to the Keeper browser extension upon logging out of their Web Vault (Firefox).
    Fixed: Importing records into a shared folder does not inherit the default folder settings that are enabled.
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