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Vault Version 14.5.0
Released on May 14, 2019.

Features & Benefits

    Added new "Duplicate Record" feature that is available from the right-click menu and the record "Options" view. This feature will duplicate all record fields including file attachments and place the record in the same folder location. Shares will NOT be duplicated.
    Added generic "Copy" and "Paste" items to the right-click menu inside vault.
Create Duplicate
    Record History moved into the (info) screen:
Record History
Generic Copy/Cut/Paste in Record View

Known Limitations

    "Create Duplicate" feature only works for owned records

Bug Fixes

    IE language selection
    SSO login issues with IE
    Enterprise Admin receiving upgrade prompt on file storage
    Various encryption related bug fixes
    German translation issues
    Additional handling for Offline Mode if Amazon AWS has any outage situations
    Ensure Self Destruct is activated when the incorrect password is entered while offline
    Ensure proper redirects occur if US-based user attempts to login to EU data center
    Blocked user unable to accept transfer consent
    Drag & Drop file upload issues with Mac Store App
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