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Vault Version 14.9.0
Released on August 29th, 2019

Enhancements & Benefits

This release encompasses the new two-factor authentication functionality including TOTP and a couple of feature improvements along with bug fixes. Below you can find the summary of these items and their benefits.
    Two-factor Authentication - This release adds new two-factor authentication functionality to our existing list of capabilities. The new method using TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) adds
    tokens to records which are unique time-based multi-digit codes commonly used by websites and apps for two factor authentication and makes the capability available across the Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Add-ons and Windows Store. TOTP covers the following functionality:
      Protects Two-Factor Codes in an encrypted vault record
      Prevents lost access to a Two-Factor Code due to continuous backup
      Synchronize Two-Factor Codes to multiple devices and computers
      Sharing of Two-Factor Code among individual users & teams
      Autofill capability for Two-Factor Codes
      Emergency Access to your vault
      Account Transfer of a user’s vault with Two-Factor codes to admin when off-boarding
      Free trial users are restricted to 2 TOTP-enabled records
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TOTP - Web Vault Example
    Improvement of the account recovery process

Bug Fixes:

    Fixes related to Apple Watch 2FA verification
    Fixing issues with export to .csv functionality
    Fixing breadcrumb being cut-off in the event that the text is too long
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