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Vault Version 14.9.1
Released on September 15, 2018

Features & Benefits

    Implemented more efficient record import that uses one API call instead of one per record.
    Improved messaging when re-directing a user from US to EU data center (or vice-versa)
    Changed the default password generator length to 20 characters
    Notify user on the Web Vault to download the Desktop App in order to utilize the 2FA scanning feature.
    Replaced Lastpass export instructions with automated export instructions

Bug Fixes

    Removed Hard-coded error string when account recovery not available
    Fixed: 2FA screen localizations
    Fixed: List view not showing color tags
    Fixed: 2FA Duration storage setting ignored on initial setup
    Fixed: Unable to setup 2FA if self destruct checkbox was toggled off/on
    Fixed: 2FA Code Duration enforcements are are not honored by the client user interface (forcing users to enter 2FA every login). Visual issue, not any 2FA bypass or security vulnerability.
    Fixed: Deep link into account recovery does not bring up the recovery UI
    Fixed: Pasting info to the notes section using the right-click overwrites the selection
    Fixed: Right click > Paste doesn't work for 2FA TOTP codes in Facebook
    Fixed: Master Password verification window for PDF Export inconsistent among browsers.
    Fixed: Records with German UTF8 characters fails to Import correctly
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