Vault Version 14.9.1

Released on September 15, 2018

Features & Benefits

  • Implemented more efficient record import that uses one API call instead of one per record.
  • Improved messaging when re-directing a user from US to EU data center (or vice-versa)
  • Changed the default password generator length to 20 characters
  • Notify user on the Web Vault to download the Desktop App in order to utilize the 2FA scanning feature.
  • Replaced Lastpass export instructions with automated export instructions

Bug Fixes

  • Removed Hard-coded error string when account recovery not available
  • Fixed: 2FA screen localizations
  • Fixed: List view not showing color tags
  • Fixed: 2FA Duration storage setting ignored on initial setup
  • Fixed: Unable to setup 2FA if self destruct checkbox was toggled off/on
  • Fixed: 2FA Code Duration enforcements are are not honored by the client user interface (forcing users to enter 2FA every login). Visual issue, not any 2FA bypass or security vulnerability.
  • Fixed: Deep link into account recovery does not bring up the recovery UI
  • Fixed: Pasting info to the notes section using the right-click overwrites the selection
  • Fixed: Right click > Paste doesn't work for 2FA TOTP codes in Facebook
  • Fixed: Master Password verification window for PDF Export inconsistent among browsers.
  • Fixed: Records with German UTF8 characters fails to Import correctly