Vault Version 16.3.0

Released on Nov 5, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • VAUL-4710: Secrets Manager user interface is now generally available on the Keeper Web Vault and Desktop App. For more information about Keeper Secrets Manager, see:
  • VAUL-4904: Visual improvements and workflow improvements for Record Types template creation.
  • VAUL-5062: Added MyKi password manager to Keeper Import screen

Security Updates

  • VAUL-5038: Migrated from webpack4 to webpack5
  • KDE-1163: Additional changes to ensure that logout clears all memory. User-initiated logout performs full restart of the Keeper Desktop application.

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1164: KeeperFill for Apps will only process hotkeys when a record has been selected. This prevents conflicts between existing hotkeys and KeeperFill.
  • KDE-1169: Sync errors after deleting a Shared Folder
  • KDE-1168: "Object no longer exists" error when switching between KFFA and Desktop App
  • VAUL-5039: Record Type fields saving the translated label
  • VAUL-5041: Importing CSV with limited columns can throw an error
  • VAUL-5042: Can't view notes when Privacy Screen is ON and Masking is ON
  • VAUL-5049: Can't change the record type (causes crash)