Vault Version 16.7.0

Released on June 21, 2022


New Login UI

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-5295: CSV Import GUI fixes
  • VAUL-5095: Unable to ignore BreachWatch record which has edit rights
  • VAUL-5045: BreachWatch can indefinitely alert about a breached record
  • VAUL-5257: Second login required to send security audit data to the Admin Console.
  • VAUL-5251: Unable to export records with the Login record type restricted by admin.
  • VAUL-5248: Create Duplicate feature appearing for records that have Privacy Screen enabled.
  • VAUL-5270: Processing pending team members can sometimes cause the vault to display no data.
  • KDE-1220: KeeperFill for Apps compatibility issues with Apache Guacamole / Keeper Connection Manager running on a Mac host.
  • Several small UI bug fixes


  • KDE-1246: Upgrade Electron framework
  • KDE-1261: 10x speed improvement on file uploads for large file attachments.