iOS Version 14.1.0

Released on January 9, 2018.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • ​Enterprise role enforcement support for Admin Console v13.1
  • Custom Field masking (Enterprise only)
  • Notes masking (Enterprise only)
  • Improved support for Duo Push

Known Limitations

  • Password masking enforcement policy is partially supported, the user can still disable the feature from Setting screen. This will be fully restricted in v14.2.0​

Bug Fixes

  • ​Duo Security workflow issues resolved
  • Sharing screen crash resolved
  • Speed improvements on BreachWatch "Ignore" feature
  • Apple Watch "Tap to Verify" issues resolved
  • Translation issues in Hebrew and German
  • Fixed account recovery issues in certain circumstances
  • Fixed several crashes in Identity & Payments screens

Coming Soon

  • ​iOS Release 14.2.1 contains several new UI updates related to in-app subscription purchases