Keeper Push

Keeper Push is a method of SSO device approval using existing devices


Users can approve their additional devices by using a previously approved device. For example, if you are logged into your web vault on your computer already, and logging into your phone app for the first time, you will get a device approval prompt on your web vault with the mobile device's information which you can approve or deny. Device Approvals perform an encryption key exchange that allow a user on a new device to decrypt their vault.

Keeper Push Method

Keeper Push is a method of approval that the user handles for themselves. Selecting "Keeper Push" will send a notification to the user's approved devices. For mobile and desktop apps, the push will show as a pop-up, and the user can simply accept the device approval.

Here's an example of Keeper Push approval using mobile as the approver device:

Steps to Using Keeper Push

(1) Select Keeper Push

(2) User waits for the push approval to appear on the device in which they are already logged in.

(3) User must be already logged into a different, previously approved device in order to receive the notification.

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