Securely grant access to password vaults, shared folders, and other Keeper resources with Indent


With the Keeper + Indent integration, Keeper Enterprise users can securely request access to credentials. Indent will automatically record an audit log, and auto-expire access after a time period of your choosing.

Indent integration will work anywhere you use SCIM provisioned teams in Keeper, including Keeper Enterprise, Keeper Secrets Manager, and Keeper Connection Manager.

What can I do with Keeper + Indent?

  • Streamline onboarding new hires

  • Standardize permissions across roles

  • Holistically transfer permissions when an employee moves to a new role

  • Securely offboard users by instantly revoking access

Admin Configuration

This guide uses an identity provider (like Google or Okta) to connect with Keeper Enterprise. Indent is used to grant temporary (or permanent) access to those groups, and automatically collects evidence your org needs for audits and compliance.

The integration between Google/Okta and Keeper will then grant access to passwords, secrets, shared folders, and other Keeper resources.


Indent integration requires Keeper SSO Connect Cloud™ with team provisioning configured for one of the following Identity Providers:

Setup your Identity Provider on Indent

  • View Indent's Indent + Okta guide

  • Follow the Configuration instructions

  • Test your integration with the guide's Using Indent + Okta Groups instructions

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