Service Management


The data folder contains the SSO Connect configuration files. At a minimum it should be backed up after initial configuration and each time the configuration is modified. In addition to the configuration files, there are data files in data that are modified at runtime but they will automatically be refreshed if they get out of sync with the Keeper server. Regular periodic backups can be used but are not necessary. The data folder on each SSO Connect instance needs to be backed up independently because not all of the configuration settings are shared among instances.

On Linux servers the data folder is under the SSO Connect install folder, typically $HOME/sso_connect/data.

On Windows servers the data folder is in C:\ProgramData\Keeper SSO Connect\data\ since v14.1. Prior to v14.1 it was in C:\Program Files\Keeper Security\SSO Connect\data\.


If the SSO Connect server dies you will need to reinstall SSO Connect on the replacement machine using the normal installation instructions.

If you have backed up the data folder as described above, restore it before starting SSO Connect. If a data folder already exists (because you started SSO Connect), stop SSO Connect, remove all files in the data folder, copy the files from the backed-up data folder, and restart SSO Connect.

If you did not backup the data folder or if the backup is out-of-date you will need to configure the replacement instance as if it were a new installation. Please follow the steps in the Installation section.

HTTP Service Monitor

The Keeper SSO Connect application provides an HTTP request that you can integrate into existing monitoring systems. The application status can be found by sending an HTTP GET request to this URL:


Ensure that the IP/Name and Port are accessible. If the service is active, you will get a JSON response as shown below:

    "configuration": "Running",
    "sync_revision": 1336,
    "sync": "Thu Feb 28 14:57:06 PST 2019",
    "version": "o14.1.3.12",
    "sso": "Running",
    "status": "Ready"

Log Files

  • On Microsoft Server installations, the log files reside within a hidden system directory. This directory can be access by typing the following path into the File Explorer:

C:\ProgramData\Keeper SSO Connect\logs
  • On Linux distributions, the logs are located with the sso_connect folder and varies depending on the base installation path:


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