Backend API Version 15.2.4

Released on March 2, 2021

Known Issues

This update may have caused existing Azure Function sessions to be logged out. Please follow the instructions in the link below to re-activate the Azure Function. See the "Troubleshooting and Repairing Failed Logins" section to resolve the issue.

Features & Improvements

  • KA-3777: Added reporting module event for "User requesting self-device approval" for SSO Cloud

  • KA-3772: Ensure BreachWatch is granted to linked personal accounts

  • KA-3716: Modified sync to allow single-record retrieval for the Commander SDK

  • KA-3798: New "Share Report" API for Vault and Commander SDK

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3727: Attempt to add a Trusted User generates a "No Active Share Exist" error message

  • KA-3710: Admin approvals randomly fail to be received in the Vault

  • KA-3689: Log Error - error setting master password expiration

  • KA-3627: Adding an alias for an SSO user fails

  • KA-3027: Issue causing transferred records to have two owners

  • KA- 2672: "Removed record permission" event fails to be triggered

  • KA-3827: Transferring an account can create a "read only" owned record

  • KA-3767: Unable to logout from SSO Cloud if there is no IdP session id

  • KA-3842: Commander times out after 30 days

  • KA-3027: Transferring a record, the new owner deletes the transfer record, went to the original owner's trash can.

  • KA-3827: Transferring an account can create a read-only owned record.

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