Backend API Version 16.0.0

Release ETA March 15, 2021


  • KA-2836: Support for new Record Types feature

  • KA-3862: Support for Node Isolation

  • KA-3857: Provide free Family Plan to all linked personal accounts

  • KA-2517: An audit event is created when a user is removed from a role or team

  • KA-3909: Support for automatic enterprise invite re-sends on the backend

Bug Fixes

  • KA3873: Enforcement values missing from get_enterprise_data_for_user_response

  • KA-3693: API requests to the backend are slow to turn on 2FA

  • KA-3870: IP blocked events are not being reported in Reporting & Alerts Module

  • KA-3880: Extending the share expiration of a user, fails to save new expiration date

  • KA-3869: Shared Records Report returns unwanted data

  • KA-3894: Admin Console crashes when the last user of a team deleted

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