Backend API Version 16.0.4

Released May 10, 2021

New Features & Improvements

  • Windows Hello Role Enforcement Policy Role policy for admin to prevent their users from enabling Windows Hello Login. This will launch with the next Admin Console.

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3989 and others: Support for Quick and Full sync methods in the Admin Console

  • KA-4016, KA-4021, KA-3988, KA-3987: Improved Session timeout handling with Browser Extension and Desktop Apps

  • KA-3970: AU user receives and error message when attempting to empty their trash

  • KA-3971: Enterprise transactions are being duplicated

  • KA-3976: Quick syncs are not correctly sending license information for purchased add-ons

  • KA-3987: Logging into the vault then using using the BE, fails to reset the idle timeout

  • KA-3988: Logging out after the session token is expired generates an error

  • KA-3994: Managed Company data is incorrect on full syncs

  • KA-3995: Attempt to pause a Managed Company fails

  • KA-4005: Unable to delete a user in the AU data center Admin Console

  • KA-4003: Throttling error contains "XXX" in the response message

  • KA-4014: Okta SCIM error - invited user is not deleted on PATCH message

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