Backend API Version 16.0.6

Released on May 19, 2021

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • KA-4012, KA-3596, KA-4015: Resolved several Sharing and Emergency Access related API calls to eliminate all possible enumeration attack vectors on Login V3. Also resolved confusing error messages and popups within the application when handling the sharing handshakes between users. Note that in order to share records between users, a sharing relationship must first exist and be established. In the case of Enterprise accounts, a sharing relationship between users already exists. A share relationship must be established manually for all consumer users and Enterprise-to-consumer accounts, or Enterprise users between different tenants.

  • KA-4004, KA-4006, KA-4023: Added additional push notifications and auto-syncing to the Admin Console for MSP tenants to trigger instant updates when MC license changes occur, and for Vault Transfer actions.

  • KA-4052: Resolved issue where linked Family Plans are not getting enough family member licenses added.

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