Backend API Version 16.2.12

Release ETA Nov 12, 2021

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • KA-4354: "Prevent sharing with file attachments" not working if Record Types activated

  • KA-4378: If you have an existing MC that is the basic plan and then upgrade it to the Plus plan the BreachWatch and ARAM is not being added to the MC. If you down grade the MC from plus to basic they are getting the getting the add ons added when they should not.

  • KA-3965: Imported users from CSV are receiving email invites even if "disable invites" selected

  • KA-4106: No email is sent when account recovery is disabled

  • KA-4305: Partial email and name searching is not working in Share screens

  • KA-4405: Team-role mapping of Secrets Manager permissions not working

  • KA-3292: Allowing Libya and Iraq IP address ranges to access the Keeper service

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