Backend API Version 16.2.15

Released on Dec 8, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4388: Changing email address in the vault doesn't update immediately on the Console when clicking Sync

  • KA-4328: Compliance Report bugs when a record is shared to another Enterprise tenant user.

  • KA-4393: Compliance Report needs to include consumer accounts when a record is shared externally.

  • KA-4121: Marking a node as isolated from Commander not working

  • KA-4425: Previous email verification links are not expiring after generating a new one from changing email address.

  • KA-4118, KA-4424: Email rate limiting

  • KA-4471: Some users are not found by SCIM GET query


  • KA-4304: Added additional helpful security information in the "Share" notifications sent through email. The Record UID, Location and device name of the sender is provided.

  • KA-4389: Provide Team/Group Display Name in SCIM user group queries

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