Backend API Version 16.3.4

Released on Feb 23, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4391: Shared folder 'Can Manage Users' should restrict editing default permissions for an Admin outside of their node

  • KA-4411: Share link invites change the Web Vault interface to the wrong language if the users are set to different languages.

  • KA-4462: File upload issues with multiple devices open

  • KA-4144: Custom record type changes not generating instant push notifications

  • KA-4143: Sending a share invite to a user who is hosted in a different data center is sending the wrong email content

  • KA-4157: Bugcrowd ticket for rate limiting enterprise invite email

  • KA-4506: WebAuthn hardware key setup from the Admin Console not functional

  • KA-4229: Improved Commander "keep-alive" function while using the application to prevent user from being logged out suddenly.

  • KA-4604: Unable to verify RSA ID


  • KA-4365: Added location information to any email which contains IP address

  • KA-4144: Added "Login Method" to the ARAM SIEM events so that the Admin knows which method of login was used (SSO, master password, biometrics, alternate SSO master password)

  • KA-4093: Backend support for new "Stay Logged In" role policy that will allow a Default=ON

  • KA-4137: Support for Enable Self Destruct role policy

  • KA-3938: Prevent extra syncing to users when a shared record is simply autofilled

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