Backend API Version 16.4

Released on April 4, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4647: SMS delivery issues

  • KA-4561: SCIM totalResults is incorrect in some cases

  • KA-4555: Allow SCIM "filter" param to search users by email

  • KA-4609: Wrong email template sent when user changes email

  • KA-4444: Missing ARAM event when user added to a default role

  • KA-4390: Accepting Enterprise Invite needs to send a Push to console

  • KA-4657: SCIM fails on user PATCH with emails as an Array

  • Several other bug fixes


  • KA-4666: Support for Keeper One Time Share

  • KA-4676: Support for new role policy to change Stay Logged In default to ON

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