Backend API Version 15.0.9

ETA for release: Sept 8, 2020

The Backend API version 15.0.9 release is focused on Login V3 and SSO Cloud APIs.

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud SSO Connect General Availability (GA) More information available here:

  • Login V3 General Availability (GA) More information available here:

  • KA-3173: Support for session persistence

  • KA-3079: IdP-initiated login for Cloud SSO accounts

  • KA-3086: New Enterprise role policies (disable_onboarding, disable_commander)

  • KA-2468: Support for 24-hour logout timer period

  • KA-3177: Added ARAM event for "Device requires Admin approval".

  • KA-3188: Backend support for device linking (auto-login of resumable sessions)

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3061: Better handling of invalid email addresses

  • KA-3130: Login V3 support for SSO-Master-Password logins

  • KA-3141: Ignore password expiration for SSO users

  • KA-3128: Do not redirect users to incomplete SSO Cloud configuration

  • KA-3134: Support for Region Redirect on SSO Domain login

  • KA-3088: Resolve missing Sign On URL in Cloud SSO metadata file for Azure

  • KA-3147: Throttling configuration for SSO Domain name

  • KA-3161: Duo Push web socket message not received by vault during account recovery

  • KA-3163: Changing Keeper SAML SP endpoint from to

  • KA-2516: Master Password regex causing loop on iOS devices

  • KA-3175: Improved throttling on email verification codes

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