Backend API Version 14.12.0

Released April 24, 2020

Features & Benefits

  • Team Roles - This release introduces a major improvement geared toward increasing the efficiency of managing role enforcements. Enterprise Admins now have the ability to manage enforcements more precisely by assigning teams to roles. Furthermore, a user who is a member of a team assigned to a role will assume the enforcement of that given role.

  • Master Password Re-entry Enforcement - This role enforcement allows Admins to further enhance their security policies by requiring users to re-enter their Master Password in order to unmask or copy a password. Once unmasked, the password will be re-masked after 30 seconds have passed.

  • Account Transfer Improvement - A transferred account will be replicated in its structure and content and all data will be housed in a dedicated transfer folder that includes deleted records and record history.

  • Web Vault & Desktop App Import Prevention - This role enforcement allows Admins to restrict users from importing data from the Web Vault and Desktop App.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issue requiring an update of Google's phone number parser library to v8.11.3.

  • Fixed: Users are denied access when moving a record within a shared folder containing restricted team sharing capabilities.

  • Fixed: Business to MSP conversion fails for nodes that contain account transfer roles.

  • Fixed: "Added Shared Folder" events only appear under the "Added Folder" event type in ARAM.

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