Backend API Version 14.5.0

Released on April 23, 2019

New Features & Benefits

Node Isolation Option for MSP Customers The Keeper Backend now as the ability to enforce Node Isolation for business customers. When "Node Isolation" is activated, users and teams that show within Share screens on the vault are limited to parent and child nodes. This feature is built for MSP customers who configure each node in the Keeper Admin Console as a separate end-customer account. In the example below, if Node Isolation is activated on the West Coast node then: Users in "Developers" are able to see other users and teams up in Developers, West Coast, Regions, Engineering and Craig Lurey LLC. Users in "Developers" are NOT able to see the users and teams in "East Coast" or "Sales", since those nodes are in parallel tree paths.

On the Vault, the screens affected by this change are the "Shared Folder" and "Record Share" screens:

To activate Node Isolation please contact us

Other Improvements

  • Migrating from Google Cloud messaging (GCM) to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android platforms.

  • During Vault Transfer / Account Transfer, team permissions are also transferred now.

  • Optimization for syncing a large number of folders and records, when team permissions and individual user permissions overlap the same records. Duplicates are removed from the sync down response which decreases the overall encrypted package size.

  • Created an optimized "import" backend API for record import

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "record key already encrypted with datakey" error which occurs randomly

  • German translation improvement (backend errors and success messages)

Coming Soon

The next Backend API 14.6.0 release will support BreachWatch for Business.

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