Backend API Version 14.7.0

Released on July 25, 2019

This is a major feature, bug fix, security and performance improvement release.

Features & Benefits

  • Admins with Team Management permission will soon be able to add other members to a team, even if the admin is not part of the team. NOTE: Front-end implementation of the feature must still be completed on the Admin Console.

  • Users will receive an email notification when a record has transferred ownership to them.

  • Vault Transfers performed by the approved administrator will also transfer deleted records. The deleted records will be in the "deleted" section of the destination vault.

  • Ability to assign free Personal Licenses to Business Licenses (not available for all Business customers).

  • Created API to provide a list of team members, in order to display the information in the Vault. NOTE: The vault update has not gone live yet.

  • Created process to periodically ask the customer to review and update their security questions.

  • Created Backend APIs to support the Free Data Breach Scan feature on the Keeper Security Website and BreachWatch services.

  • Roles can now be provisioned through SCIM (supported by Okta and other identity providers). The Role ID must be provided by the SCIM message. Notes: - When a new user is created, default roles will be assigned regardless of what provided in "roles" field. - Roles with administrative permissions will cause the operation to fail with status 406 ("not acceptable") and "detail": "A role with Administrative Permissions may not be assigned by SCIM." - To identify the Role ID, this information is will eventually be displayed in the Admin Console, but it can be also seen via Keeper Commander command "enterprise-info":

My Vault> enterprise-info --roles                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Enterprise name: Craig Lurey LLC

       Role ID  Name                  Cascade?    New User?    Node
--------------  --------------------  ----------  -----------  ---------------------------------------------------------
47377784242422  Administrator                                  Craig Lurey LLC\Finance
47377784242415  Administrator                                  Craig Lurey LLC\Legal
47377784242418  Administrator                                  Craig Lurey LLC\Contractors
47377784242533  Agent Manager                                  Craig Lurey LLC\Agents
  • "Last Modified" in record history will be replaced with the date in which the backup of was created (not last modification date)

  • Shared records to users outside of the organization will be removed automatically when a "Vault Transfer" of the user account is performed by the admin.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Stop sending share invites between Enterprise users, as this is not needed.

  • Repaired the "Change Email Address" flow from certain clients, in which the verification email was not being sent properly.

  • Emergency Access not honoring the desired wait time in certain cases.

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