Backend API Version 14.7.11

Released on September 21, 2019

Features & Benefits

  • Text Message 2FA codes now include the platform requesting the code (Web Vault, Desktop App, iOS, Android, Console, etc...)

  • Updated template content for default Enterprise invitation

  • Support for Yubikey 5Ci Hardware Security Key

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Account recovery flow when customer attempts recovery in wrong geographic data center

  • Fixed: Admin is unable to delete a user having many record revisions

  • Fixed: Cannot create a family plan if once was admin of a family plan

  • Fixed: User is member of a Team and can receive shares in Shared Folder, but not add the Team to a Shared Folder.

  • Fixed: Shared folders in Account Transfer do not retain permissions.

  • Resolved: Prevent user from linking a personal license to existing business license from a different data center region.

  • Fixed: Removing a favorite from a record does not sync with other platforms.

Subsequent releases 14.7.12, 14.7.13, 14.7.14 and 14.7.15 resolved the following bugs:

  • Fixed: Issue decrypting old device session tokens

  • Fixed: Custom email templates reverting to default template in certain sub-nodes

  • Fixed: Personal license validation link produces 404 error

  • Fixed: SCIM provisioning failing with 400 error

  • Fixed: Free Data Breach Scan in EU region generating confusing error message

  • Fixed: Hyperlink to signup from SSO-provisioned user inside email template generated 404 error

Security Updates

  • Prevent external SIEM host connectivity test misuse by enumerating ports on the local network

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