Backend API Version 15.0.15

Released September 11, 2020

Enhancements & Benefits

  • KA-3283: Support for deleting invited user via SCIM PUT

  • KA-3263: Role enforcement policy created to disable account recovery

  • KA-3237: ARAM event created for "Enterprise is out of seats"

  • KA-3263: ARAM event created for Admin approved a device"

  • KA-3182: Endpoint created that allows a support tool user to verify a user's 2FA code

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3304: SAML Logout returns 404 with no IdP logout endpoint configured

  • KA-3294: Logout timer enforcement on Desktop logs user out at max duration instead of max idle

  • KA-3274: Email change landing page contains incorrect string

  • KA-3242: SSO logout doesn't redirect to IdP to perform logout from mobile client

  • KA-2994: Throttled re-authentication enforcement in vault is persistent on next log in.

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