Backend API Version 15.0.30

Expected Release Date: October 30, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3328: Using KeeperDNA for device approval does not work as expected

  • KA-3442: Log error is generated when deleting a revision

  • KA-3460: SAML validation errors are incorrectly being logged in the KeeperApp error log

  • KA-3464: Forgot Master Password flow generates error messages

  • KA-3508: start_login returns error after biometric login attempts to Cloud SSO accounts

  • KA-3512: Keeper Push does not work in attempt to enable 2FA in EU SSO Cloud account

  • KA-3513: A user is unable to login with SSO Cloud after being moved to an SSO node with the precondition that the user has not first logged in with their Master Password

  • KA-3519: A pending Enterprise user in an attempt to login to the vault receives an invalid account creation email

  • KA-3520: Recent Activity in account summary is missing iOS sync

  • KA-3521: The browser extension logout timer uses the timeout value set within the vault

  • KA-3509: Log Error, NPE in getManagedEnterpriseInfo

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