Backend API Version 15.0.31

Released on November 13, 2020


  • KA-3553: Improved performance for SCIM filter by external ID

  • KA-2571: Validate a user's domain when an enterprise is created or when an enterprise user is added

  • KA-3583: Restrict Admins from adding teams with missing encrypted_team_key

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3448: Admin is able to invite a user to an enterprise when the user exists in a different region

  • KA-3464: "Forgot Password" flow generates error message

  • KA-3533: 404 error appears after logout from US SSO Cloud account

  • KA-3534: Log Error - NPE in SharedFolderUpdateCommand

  • KA-3491: A server error is generated while editing MSP user's name and email

  • KA-3493: User with region issues generates log error

  • KA-3407: Android users are prompted twice for code during 2FA setup

  • KA-3540: Cloud SSO IdP-initiated login URL is not displayed as expected

  • KA-3549: Cloud SSO does not return an error to the user if a bad IdP metadata XML file is uploaded

  • KA-3394: BreachWatch and Security Audits reports are not updating as expected

  • KA-3555: Log Error - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in CreateAccountController

  • KA-3556: Log Error - NPE in ManagedNodePrivilegeRemoveCommand

  • KA-3554: Network error calling kinfo when user already exists locally

  • KA-3568: KeeperApp should prevent active SSO connections from being deleted

  • KA-3571: Errors are generated when a user attempts to approve existing devices via Keeper Push

  • KA-3573: Requests are not removed from Approval Queue once approved by Admin

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