Backend API Version 15.1.0

Released on December 21, 2020


  • TRAN-3497: ARAM event added: Enterprise is out of seats

  • TRAN-3498: ARAM event added: Admin approved a device

  • KA-3654: Keeper removes pending users when SCIM provider patches user to inactive status

  • KA3610: Improved performance impacts due to API throttling

  • KA-3592: Allow Admins to provision invited users into Teams

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3625: MSP Keeper Admin is unable to approve SSO Cloud users from managed companies

  • KA-3560: SCIM email change issues

  • KA-3615: Broken Access Control - Change permission of other users in the same sharing record

  • KA-3614: Broken Access Control - Remove user in the same sharing record

  • KA-3624: Keeper Push fails for Cloud SSO users with DUO enabled

  • KA-3585: 2FA code duration preference fails for SSO Cloud users

  • KA-2558: Team folders are not being pushed to users upon login

  • KA-3637: Unable to login to Web Vault using Alternate Master Password and 2FA

  • KA-3235: Changed Email Address event isn't displayed in ARAM

  • KA-3641: Attempting to save empty shared folder record key

  • KA-3663: Cloud SSO accounts require two Admin approvals

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