Backend API Version 15.2.0

Estimated Release Date: January 22, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3782: Change SCIM GROUP PATCH implementation to return 204 Status

  • KA-3588: Support for SSO Connect On-Prem alias checking on email changes

  • KA-3578: Turning on Stay Logged In did not work the very first time

  • KA-3756: Stay Logged In setting not honored on particular login flows

  • KA-3626: Syslog push fails in EU

  • KA-3638: Adding ARAM event causes throttling

  • KA-3725: Various issues with record sharing

  • KA-3718: User is unable to set alternate Master Password

  • KA-3582: ARAM is missing the event "Removed User from Team"

  • KA-3607: SSO does not send SessionIndex on SAML logout

  • KA-3628: Entity ID fails to update when moving configuration

  • KA-3674: Records fail to appear in shared folder after a team is added

  • KA-3661: "Offline Master Password" role enforcement fails

  • KA-3548: Error message appears when login to US SSO Cloud account in EU region

  • KA-3514: Event is not triggered when delete command is used

  • KA-3701: MSP Admin is unable to approve SSO Cloud users from Managed Companies

  • KA-3719: File usage is not properly updated

  • KA-3726: A server error is generated when deleting a team

  • KA-3730: "Account Recovery Requested" ARAM event is not triggered

  • KA-3741: Cloud SSO users that are also admins, require Master Password to export

  • KA-3746: Errors are generated when deleting a record in a team shared folder

  • KA-2654: Backend APIs for Admin Console login for customers with over 100k users

  • KA-2837: Addition of new APIs for upcoming Record Types feature

  • KA-3316: Create user event not reported in ARAM

  • KA-3728: Sending hyperlink to invalid domain in some scenarios

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