Browser Extension Version 16.2.0

Release starting on Jan 26, 2022

Features & Improvements

This new Browser Extension version 16.2 introduces a new and improved workflow and elegant user experience for saving new passwords.

When logging in or registering for an account on a website with no stored credentials, Keeper provides the user with a user experience that quickly and seamlessly creates the vault record. The user is first presented with a list of possible email addresses to use for the login field.

On the password field, the user can instantly generate a password.

If you already know the password, when you start to type Keeper will allow you to instantly save the information, making it super easy to capture existing passwords.

This new workflow also solves another pain point for users by allowing the saving of credentials on single-page application websites such as, and thousands of similar sites.

In addition to this workflow, we have also introduced Folder Selection so you can save a record directly to a private or shared folder without having to leave the current page. This highly requested capability is included in several workflows and will be incorporated into other areas of the browser extension moving forward.

While saving the new record, you can also directly set the "Autofill" and "Autosubmit" options.

This new workflow can be controlled through a new Settings screen called "Autofill Suggestions":

Other changes:

  • BE-4311: Change "Sym" string to "!@#"

  • BE-4331: Improved sync speed and performance for accounts with a large number of records

  • BE-4400: Support for role enforcement policy "Autofill_Suggestion" which can disable the new workflow, if a customer requests it.

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4328: Role enforcement "Autofill Disable" is being ignored by the browser extension

  • BE-4342: Password filling prompts popping up in some unrelated pages

  • BE-4354: Saving a record fails after the extension appears to be logged in, even though the user is not logged in.

  • BE-4362: Prompt to Login is still appearing if it's toggled to OFF

  • BE-4379: Random lock appearing in

  • BE-4341: Prompting not working on ADP website

  • BE-3493: TOTP filling not working with new Record Typed records

  • BE-4426: Improvements to autofill on Apache Guacamole

  • BE-4383: Header disappears when clicking Back from Edit screen

  • BE-4349: Form filling search screen does not allow typing space characters.

  • BE-4363: Form filler dialog shows visually cut off in some cases

  • BE-4413: Brand new records created on new Vault accounts are not syncing instantly to the extension

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