Browser Extension Version 16.4.1

Released to Beta on May 20, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4524: Legacy (general) records with non-latin1 characters are showing scrambled in the UI

  • BE-3890: Using Firefox in Private Browsing Mode not functional

  • BE-4547: Duo 2FA shows Voice Call option when not supported

  • BE-4553: Unable to log back in after user logged out by and admin-enforced Logout timer.

Manifest V3

  • BE-4526, BE-4527, BE-4528, BE-4529: Partial migration to Manifest V3 packaging. Local storage changes, bundling of Javascript, configuration of setting storage.

Security Updates

  • BE-4523, BE-4522: Updated crypto libraries to match Web Vault

Beta Installation

Customers can install the Keeper Beta Version: 1. Uninstall your existing Keeper extension

2. Install the Beta available here: Please ensure that you only have one Keeper extension installed at a time.

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