Browser Extension Version 16.4.12



This Browser Extension release has been many months in the making, due to major restructuring of the codebase due to the new Manifest V3 requirement being enforced by Google. We took this opportunity to refactor syncing and performance for large vault accounts, with over 100 bug fixes.

Workflow Changes

  • BE-4515: When a user logs in with SSO, logout will go back to the "normal" login screen displaying the email address and "Next" button, instead of showing the SSO Enterprise Domain screen.

Features & Improvements

  • BE-4738: Support for upcoming "WiFi" Record Type

  • BE-4654: Geolocations API permission to set user's region upon install

  • BE-4559: Payment Card icons now compatible with all display modes

  • BE-4515: Unless user previously logs in using Enterprise SSO Login, login screen will always default to Master Password login

  • BE-4538, BE-4530, BE-4532, BE-4531: Manifest V3 migration including new record sharding, redux actions and message queuing.

  • BE-4744: New progress animation during sync

Bug Fixes

  • BE -4814: Significant performance improvements to extension on Firefox Browser

  • BE-4729: Issues with extension login via Azure SSO on-prem connect (Firefox)

  • BE-4729: Search results fail to update when a character is deleted in the search field (Firefox)

  • BE-3831: Crash occurs on master password re-authentication after six attempts

  • BE-4489: Changes to extension settings do not take effect until user logouts/logins

  • BE-3763: Autofill via right-click context menu fails for Amazon AWS new credit card entry

  • BE-4730: KeeperFill window unable to be moved by user on touch screen

  • BE-4683: Autofill does not detect password fields on various Google foreign language pages

  • BE-4640: User is unable to see Private Key field in an "SSH Key" Record Type without filling the Public Key field

  • BE-4616: Custom Fields within a custom record type fail to autofill

  • BE-4502: Prompt to login fails to appear on newly installed extension

  • BE-4440: "Payment Card" Record Type autofill via the right-click context menu fails for billing address fields

  • BE-4788: Logging into the Web Vault fails to simultaneously log user into the extension

  • BE-4811: Prompt to change password fails to appear when a user has an existing record for a domain and visits the change password page

  • BE-4631: After reverting a password during the password change workflow, the change is not reflected in the user interface of the BE until logout/login. This will be addressed in our next update.

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