Browser Extension Version 16.4.14

Released on April 3, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4923: Protection against Chromium crash when max IndexedDB reaches quota

  • BE-4928: SSO Logout generating duplicate requests to the server, creating replay error

  • BE-4952: Browser Extension crashes when switching VPN connections while logged in

  • BE-4953: Record matching stops working properly after network changes occur on the user's machine

  • BE-4960: When a user has Firefox set to "never to remember history" in the security settings and disconnects from the network, none of the records show for a specific domain after reconnecting.

  • BE-4942: When a user deletes a record from a domain then logs out and logs in again, the other records on that domain disappear when navigating to that domain.

  • BE-4943: The browser action window crashes on startup sometimes because the tabs value is undefined or null from a chrome listener. This makes it so that initialization steps in the extension don't complete because these thrown errors interrupt the startup process.


  • BE-4682: Extension reverts to Backup 2FA over WebAuthn with Cloud SSO activated account With this update, SSO Cloud accounts that enforce 2FA will default to the use of WebAuthn instead of TOTP/SMS.

  • BE-4934: In order to reduce sync calls in large enterprise customers with many shared records, the browser extension will process closely received incoming messages in batches.

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