Browser Extension Version 16.5.0



  • BE-4537: Handling of Web socket requests when MV3 browser extension service worker has been terminated

  • BE-4802: New Safari extension [User Guide]

  • BE-4536: Bootstrapping for MV3: When the service worker is stopped, all memory is lost. The next time the extension boots up, based on what the user's last action was, it grabs what it needs from physical storage, processes that, puts it into memory, then does perform the user's last action if there was one.

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4749: Login to is clicking the wrong button

  • BE-4938: Firefox using too much memory

  • BE-4979: Keeper throws errors on

  • BE-4977: When you disconnect from the network and reconnect, the extension shows logged in; however, it prompts for 2FA and can send SMS 2FA incorrectly.

  • BE-4983: Form filling is broken for V2 (general) custom fields

  • BE-4990: Autofill broken on

  • BE-4956: Based on customer feedback, we removed the "prompt to login" on page loads.

  • BE-4988: When the extension fills into an http / insecure site, the extension will ask the user through a window popup if the user would like to continue to fill the inputs because the connection is insecure. Clicking "OK" doesn't fill the contents or close the window and clicking cancel doesn't close the window.

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