Browser Extension Version 12.2.7

Release date: December 10, 2018

Enhancements & Benefits

  • ​Over 40 bug fixes

  • Select and fill proper record when launching from desktop or web vault

  • Mask passwords in Edit/New mode

  • Additional "equivalent domains" added

  • Localization / translation fixes

  • Enabled KeeperFill within the Keeper Admin Console

Known Limitations

  • ​Full support for v13.1 Admin Console role enforcements are not completed.

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox BE is auto logging user after 5 minutes

  • Intralinks site prompts wrong message

  • Adding a char to notes and deleting it makes prompt freeze

  • Last record used not being saved for subdomain

  • Create a new record after editing a record doesn't generate new password

  • ​Prompt to Save leaves behind artifact on the screen

  • Cannot Save Address Edits

  • Can't create a new record if there's an existing record with the "disable edit" enforcement

  • Stripe payment widget not working with KeeperFill

  • Payment fill and new account registration fill on Shopify sites

  • loops at logout with auto submit

  • YubiKey issues

  • Missing Translations (Addresses, Set to Default)

  • UATP credit card type not being validated

  • Icon in the Windows store is missing

  • Google Sheets lock appears in input for conditional formatting

  • Paypal doesn't bring up prompt only in Safari browser

  • Autosubmit Not Working on

  • Digital River e-commerce checkout page doesn't fill credit card

  • login form

  • CVC eyeball toggle not working

  • Password Strength Bar Not Showing Color

  • Check and X buttons for edit mode do not disappear after edit restriction error message

  • Twitter change password not working

  • Adobe account payment screen

  • Payment card doesn't work on

  • Credit card filling on

  • Credit card filling on

  • Credit card fill doesn't work on JIRA

  • Credit card filling on

  • credit card filling doesn't work

  • Restore Default Settings doesn't default logout timer

  • Save new password for an existing record does not open vault to view

  • Payment Fill

  • GitHub password reset not filling both fields

  • Console Popup issue

Coming Soon

  • ​Browser Extension Release 12.3.0 contains a new user experience for "Change Password" flows to address all non-standard websites. In addition, we are completing all role enforcement policy changes for v13.1.0 Admin Console requirements.

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