Browser Extension Version 12.3.1

Releasing Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge on February 28, 2019. Note: Safari extensions are not available for update until version 14.0.0 which is deployed via the new Mac App Store.

Enhancements & Benefits

  • Subdomain matching and sorting ​improvements. The sorting of records offered by the KeeperFill on-page login screen will prioritize the subdomain first, followed by the root domain matches. Within each subdomain, the results are sorted by date of last login.

  • Custom Field matching on website label form field is improved

  • Account Switching feature implemented for faster selection of previously used accounts

  • Support for upcoming Password Complexity role enforcement policy on Admin Console

  • Support Website Address matching on any custom field values

Bug Fixes

  • "Do not ask again" is not turning off Prompt to Login

  • Change Password "Yes" button on Firefox not working

  • KeeperFill not prompting immediately upon login

  • Firefox timing related bug fixes

  • Firefox issue with various websites reported by customers

  • Improved login to ConnectWise applications

  • Locks showing on some Date Pickers

  • Autofill not working for some Russian sites

  • Locks not showing on

  • Ignore email sign-up forms

  • Fix login for

  • Fix auto-filling of multiple fields on registration forms

  • Turn off the Browser Extension on the Keeper Admin Console screen

Known Limitations (Mac/Safari Users Only)

  • Apple has implemented a major architecture change in Mac OS Mojave and Safari 12 in regards to browser extensions. In the past, the KeeperFill browser extension for Safari has shared a common development platform with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers. Apple now requires developers to publish browser extensions in the Mac App Store using a platform that is unique to the Mac OS ecosystem. We are currently creating a new version of KeeperFill for Safari 12 and Mojave that complies with our strict security requirements. We plan to publish the new Keeper Safari 12 soon. If you haven't updated to Mojave yet, we recommend waiting until the new KeeperFill extension is released. If you have already updated and are no longer able to use KeeperFill, you may use KeeperFill on Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers until our new Safari extension is published.

Coming Soon

  • ​Browser Extension Release 14.0.0 adds support for the Mac App Store

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