Browser Extension Version 14.0.0

Released January 9, 2020

Features & Enhancements

  • New Login API - This version introduces move to the new Restless Server API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Enterprise users that have created Generated Password Complexity Rules (by domain) force every domain, including those not listed in the enforcement, to use these rules when creating records.

  • Fixed: An issue causing EU SSO redirect to not function as expected.

  • Fixed: Users with EU account are unable to login through the browser extension; receive "region_redirect" error message.

  • Fixed: Logging into the browser extension does not simultaneously log user into their Vault (Edge).

  • Fixed: "Add Account" button in the toolbar extension window redirects users to the registration page rather than the login page.

  • Fixed: An issue related to the extension's change password feature at the Salesforce site. The form fields do not appear activated when password feature inputs both password and TOTP entries.

  • Fixed: User unable to uncheck "Remember Email" box at login screen.

  • Fixed: An infinite spinner appears when user attempts to login with an expired trial account.

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