Browser Extension Version 14.0.6

Released March 26, 2020

Features & Benefits

  • KeeperFill Browser Extension Role Enforcement Update - Administrators now have the ability to prevent their users from enabling the Auto Submit and Prompt to Fill features in the KeeperFill Browser Extension.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: TOTP code (Time-based One-time Password) is failing to autofill at first login attempt to Facebook, requiring the user to manually enter the code and enable "Remember Browser" setting.

  • Fixed: Both Auto Submit and autofilling of TOTP codes are not working when logging into Snap Chat.

  • Fixed: Record favorites from the vault are not appearing in the "Favorites" section of the browser extension.

  • Fixed: When logging into their web vault, users are not automatically logged into the browser extension as expected. (Chromium Edge).

  • Fixed: Various sites are missing Keeper locks and do not allow the user to fill their credentials using the right-click context menu.

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