Browser Extension Version 14.2.0

Released August 20, 2020

Features & Enhancements

New Browser Extension User Interface - This release introduces major improvements to our existing KeeperFill Browser Extension UI. The changes include a complete overhaul of the existing design elements featuring a cleaner, more intuitive user interface. Users can expect increased accessibility to Keeper's tools and features directly from the browser extension, resulting in a streamlined workflow and efficient browser extension usability. In addition to significant visual enhancements, there are a number of noteworthy features that are introduced in this extensive update, including:

Record Creation and Editing

Users now have the ability to create new records and edit existing records directly from the browser extension toolbar.

Autofill Preferences

If there is more than one matching record for a site, users can designate which record Keeper will autofill moving forward or simply opt-out of the autofill feature for that single site entirely.

Filter Record Matches

From a site's login field, users can search within the various matching records to locate and fill the desired login credentials. It is important to note the key factors (in order) that determine record matches:

  • A email address match that is present on the login page

  • The website subdomain and domain of the Keeper record URL (e.g. will first match and second,

  • The website path (e.g. /some/path/to/file)

  • When a record was last filled or edited

Simpler Settings

Users can expect simpler, more intuitive navigation of Keeper's dynamic browser extension settings; including the addition of font size adjustability and easier access to the logout timer. The familiar settings users have come to know such as themes, hover locks, auto-submit and match on subdomain still remain within the Settings menu.

Search Bar Improvements

This update presents a larger, more accessible search bar for improved usability as well as a significantly faster search experience.

Record Favorites Accessibility

Users can quickly view and search their record "Favorites" containing the most frequently visited sites directly from the browser extension toolbar.

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