Browser Extension Version 15.0.2

Released on December 10, 2020

Special Notes

  • Keeper now prompts for 2FA **before** Master Password. This is part of our new Login V3 security protocol.

  • We have 2 extensions in the store, version 14 and version 15.

    Please ensure that you only have one Keeper browser extension installed. Do not install both v14 and v15 on the same browser or you'll run into issues.


  • BE-3362: This release includes the addition of a session persistence setting, "Stay Logged In". The purpose of this setting if enabled, allows the user to resume their session based on their "Logout Timer" value, regardless of exiting the application, restarting their computer, etc... This feature can be restricted by the Keeper Admin via Role Policy.

  • BE-3680: Support for multiple monitors

  • BE-2334: A new event is created to track when a user selects the "copy" button for a password from the record detail screen

  • BE-3650: The password generator character limit has increased from 50 to 100 characters

Bug Fixes

  • BE-3680: Users with multiple monitors experience visual issues when entering their Master Password and selecting browser extension buttons and switches

  • BE-3640: Auto-logout fails to clear old timer setting

  • BE-3439: Edit option is not available when email field is pre-filled in login screen

  • BE-3375: User receives incorrect error message when the email address field is left empty upon attempted login

  • BE-3364: Filling of custom field values fails on special character regex

  • BE-3349: Disabling KeeperFill for specific website fails to prevent form filling from extension toolbar

  • BE-3347: Device restriction error dialogue offers user incorrect "Forgot Password?" action

  • BE-3345: Warning message is missing when an Enterprise user attempts to change timer with a logout timer enforcement policy present

  • BE-3337: Create Record form fails to reset after creating and saving a new record in the form filler

  • BE-3336: Error message fails to appear when a user leaves the 2FA code field empty upon attempted login

  • BE-3626: Expected behavior fixes for various vault and browser extension interactions for "Stay Logged In" setting

  • BE-1851: New user unable to dynamically provision via SSO Connect

  • BE-3645: Auto-submit fails from search field for various sites

  • BE-3658: A user is prompted twice for their Master Password when certain conditions are met

  • BE-3659: User is unable to open their vault from browser extension toolbar at first attempt (FirefoxESR)

  • BE-3389: DUO push prompt persists after user selects "Deny" button

  • BE-3344: DUO accounts fail to send a new code when user selects "Resend Code"

  • BE-3669: Empty records, payment cards and addresses appear editable to the user

  • BE-3667: A user re-authentication is triggered in attempt to create a new record

  • BE-2913: Change password action by user fails to trigger change password event

  • BE-3610: Keeper Push acceptance is not reflected in both windows upon SSO Cloud user login

  • BE-3676: Keeper Push device approval fails for SSO cloud account that has 2FA (SMS) enabled

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