Browser Extension Version 15.1.0

Released March 6, 2021 and rolling out over a few days


  • Multiple: "Stay Logged In" improvements to prevent edge cases where the extension logs out

  • BE-3822: Added capability for Browser Extension to perform Vault Transfer acceptance

  • BE-3787: Improved the performance of Firefox when Keeper is running

  • BE-1873: Improved performance with Dynamics 365

  • BE-2008: Improved performance with Microsoft Sharepoint

  • BE-2508: Improved performance with

  • BE-2630: Improved performance with eSource

  • BE-3506: Additional support for Role Policy enforcements in the KeeperFill section of the Admin Console / Role Policy / Enforcements section.

Bug Fixes

  • BE-3820: Improved handling of Web socket disconnections (Syncing is broken until logout/login)

  • BE-3815: Back button freezes the extension in certain paths

  • BE-3787: Slow performance on Firefox

  • BE-3808: If Web Vault access is restricted, don't auto-login the user to the Web Vault.

  • BE-3040: Copy of masked custom field / masked note from search results

  • BE-3267: Country list with Samoa listed in the wrong location

  • BE-3331: Certain letters chopped off in the country name list

  • BE-3335: Extension closes the vault after logging in with Yubikey

  • BE-3637: Error message appears when trying to login to US data center after having logged into the EU data center with an SSO account.

  • BE-3651: Login sequentially to accounts on both US and EU region causes the extension to be confused

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