Safari Extension Version 14.10.0

Released January 2, 2020

Features & Enhancements

  • Keyboard Shortcut to Browser Extension Toolbar + Automatic Search Upon Typing - This feature further streamlines the ability to quickly open the browser extension as well as automate the use of the search bar upon typing, essentially eliminating the need for mouse clicks.

    • Command+Shift+k (for Mac OS) will automatically open the browser extension toolbar.

    • Once the browser extension is open, the user can simply begin typing their search terms to utilize the search function.

  • Arrow Key and Enter Functionalities - Users have the ability to navigate the search results menu within the browser extension window with enhanced Arrow Key and Enter Functionalities.

    • Up and Down Arrows navigate between items.

    • Right Arrow expands and shrinks highlighted items.

    • Highlighted items can be filled upon pressing enter.

  • Match on Subdomain Setting - This release introduces a new setting that enables the in-page extension to recognize and differentiate a record's subdomain from its domain.

    • Only records that match the subdomain of the page visited will be populated into the in-page extension window upon log in.

    • Alternatively, if no records exist for the subdomain of the page visited but they do for the domain, the in-page extension window will populate all of the existing records containing that domain.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Once configured, custom hotkeys for KeeperFill are not functioning properly when user closes and reopens app.

  • Fixed: Desktop version does not retain the device token for two-factor authentication if a Web Vault enforcement is set (Enterprise customers).

  • Fixed: Issues regarding Touch ID, including the added visibility of a prompt to initiate Touch ID at the login screen.

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