Safari Extension Release 15.0.12

Estimated Release Date: December 31, 2020


  • SE-443: Custom field values that contain URLs are now hyperlinked

Bug Fixes

  • SE-414: Various fixes for Web Vault and Safari Extension interactions and "Stay Logged In" setting

  • SE-427: Request Time Out screen fails to appear once Keeper Push notification is left unanswered after one minute

  • SE- 440: A JavaScript error is generated when the user attempts to open the Desktop App from the Safari Extension

  • SE-445: Safari Extension fails to load a record after being shared

  • SE-446: The SMS field of a record is autofilled with the username when SMS 2FA is enabled (PayPal and Amazon)

  • SE-439: Logout timer fails after logging out and back in on Safari Extension

  • SE-447: Users do not receive a notification when their Admin has disabled the "Stay Logged In" feature

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